U need a Proxy VPN Server?


VendettaProxy VPN Service

Pricinglistin €
24 h Trial1.00€
3 Days2.50€
7 Days8.00€
14 Days10.00€
1 Month15.00€
3 Month25.00€

U need a good VPN?

Check out VendettaProxy

The Servers are optimized for gaming and they offer they users highest performance. The NAT (Network Address Translation) is not changed to allow easy gaming.

RGH Modification Service – by NGxD TV


Let’s build a RGH for u! <3 


What u have to do, if u want to buy^^

1. Press on the “Go to Shop”-Button

2. Select ur Motherboard

3. If u want Led, select ur Led

4. Add to Basked

5. Proceed to checkout

6. Finish ur Order! :)^^

NGxDTVLive | 17511 Free Stealth Server | +7Days KV Life


RGH/Jtag 17511 Free Stealth Server 2018

How to install NGxDTVLive.xex

1. Put NGxDTVLive.xex on ur Hdd

2. Go into ur XEXMenu

3. Open Dashlaunch v3.18.1

4. Goto Plugins

5. Press on Plugin 2

6. Press now on NGxDTVLive.xex

7. Save ur Launch.ini

8. Restart ur Console and have Fun! ♥

Kv Life+7 Days
Server TimeLifetime
Server PriceFree
NGxD TV 1.9 Beta[-]
Black Ops 2 Offhost Cheats[+]
Black Ops 3 Offhost Cheats[+]
CoD Ghosts Offhost Cheats[+]
CoD AW Offhost Cheats[+]
Modern Wardare 3 Offhost Cheats[+]
Modern Wardare 2 Offhost Cheats[+]
All Cod Bypass[+]
GTA V Online Bypass[+]
Offhost Kick Protection (GTA V)[+]
Admin Kick Protection (GTA V)[+]
Freeze Kick Protection (GTA V)[+]