NEW DASH UPDATE! Download here the 17544 Dash Files!

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NGLive Current Update: 17526!
XBLive Current Update: 17544!
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about NGLiveNG

What is NGLive?

NGLive is a 17526 Stealth Server with good Challenges!
It is currently in FREEMODE and u can test how long ur KV last!

With Our new 0x58 System Challenge Responses, You Will not Be Worry About Getting Banned While Using NGLive.

  • KV Live Improves
  • design
  • XUI
  • User Friendliness

NGxD TV Tooljrpc

modern design

The Tool is using DevComponents

Much supported Games

Black Ops 2, Black Ops 3, GTA V,
Modern Warfare 2, Far Cry 4
Battlefield 3

Other Tools

Peek n Poke with new Design,
GSC Decompiler, MP4 Downloader,
Port Scanner, Hex-Converter

Xbox Tools

Ini-Editor, Fan Speed, Plugins,
File Manager, Game Launcher, KV Checker

Extra Xbox Tools

Join Party, Join Game, Kernal Spoofer,
Msp Spoofer, and more...

GTA V Protections

Admin Kick Protecion, Weather Change,
Give Weapon, Fire, Anti Vote-Kick,
Offhost-Kick Protection, Anti Script Event,
and more...