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50% Discount for 14 Days! 


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NGxD TV 1.8 Beta Release


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Update Log 1.8
Modder Protection V2[+]
Added Quick Options[+]
Component Editor[+]
Boost Backward (other Players)[+]
Fix Vehicle (other Players)[+]
Delete Vehicle (other Players)[+]
Carkick by himself (other Players)[+]
Request his Car (other Players)[+]
Lock Vehicle (other Players)[+]
More RP Options[+]
Make Player Fake Leave (other Players)[+]
Freeze Cam (other Players)[+]
Arpartment Invite (other Players)[+]
Instant add $20000 (other Players)[+]
Remove Wanted Level (other Players)[+]
Send Player Hospital Bill – $133701337 (other Players)[+]
Send Player Insurance Bill – $133701337 (other Players)[+]
Remove all his Money (other Players)[+]
Super Grip[+]
Nitrous Mod[+]
Clear Area[+]
Nearby Peds Options[+]
Nearby Car Options[+]
Vehicle God Mode Off (other Players)[FIX]
Vehicle Invisibility Off (other Players)[FIX]
Kill Engine (other Players)[FIX]
Launch Players Vehicle In Sky (other Players)[FIX]
Boost Forward (other Players)[FIX]
Vehicle List[FIX]
Handling Advanced[FIX]
Vehicle Spawning Options -> Spawn with Upgrades[FIX]
Object Options[FIX]

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NGxD TV 1.7 Beta


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Update Log 1.7
Offhost Kick[+]
Give RP[+]
Remove RP[+]
Spoof Ip to[+]
Anti Freeze[+]
Anti Force into[+]
Offhost Kick Proteczion[+]
Rainbow Main Menu[+]
Show Info[+]
Modder detection[+]
Pussy God Mode Glitch detection[+]
Grab IP[+]
Send IP[+]
Player advanced Info[+]
Messages to Client[-]
Weather change for all[+]
All Player Options[+]

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